45 Vibes

On December 11th, I turned 45 years old! I truly enjoyed the day. I was determined to include the sights of my beloved Mississippi in my special birthday.

Although I’m a southern lady, I really enjoy the walking outside in the early morning in December and taking a fresh, deep breath of the cold, crisp winter air. This Tuesday, December 11th wasn’t any different with the temperature being 27 degrees.

I started the morning taking in one of many pleasantries with a grande Peppermint Mocha (5 pumps of each mocha and peppermint) from Starbucks. Then I took a beautiful ride and noticed, although it wasn’t snowing (which I would’ve loved for my bday), the frost lay on the land like a beautiful white blanket.

The morning sun shone through illuminating the frost on the ground creating a wintry wonderland effect in Mississippi. The trees couldn’t hide the rays of the sun and how she burst through the woods which only connected to my heart and warmed it up. I found myself smiling the whole drive.

Out there, there’s no sound of early morning traffic or children talking at the bus stop. There’s no rush or busyness on the backroads at all. So, I stopped my truck, rolled the window down and listened to the stillness of winter. I closed my eyes to focus on the sound of a limb giving way and falling to the ground, of a bird calling through the air and just when I opened my eyes, a fox dashed across the scenery. I mean like this is the coolest (no pun intended) Birthday morning in a long time.

The most beautiful part of the cold, early morning drive on those backwoods of Mississippi was that time of reflections and the look towards the future. This year more than ever I’m excited about those next 365 days after my birthday. Not long from now 2019 will be here and I’ve been jotting down, planning for what’s to come.

Could I get this experience anywhere else? Couldn’t I have stayed at home to reflect and plan? Well, I could have but spending time with Mississippi’s nature truly brings me inspiration. And as much as she inspires me, my hope is to be able to be just as much of an inspiration to readers by expanding their view of Mississippi. I loved my birthday morning with my beautiful state. I’m looking forward to many more.


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