Merry Christmas from Mississippi!!

What a beautiful day it is in Mississippi! It’s a nice 66 degrees. Although I’d rather it be cooler, it’s nice weather for families and friends to get a football game going outside!

I know everyone is making final preparations for Christmas dinner. Tables are being set. Drinks are cooling. Desserts are in position. Families have long cleaned up the living room from opening gifts. And people have started making their way over to make their rounds of visits (with to-go plates in mind). 🤣

Traditionally, we bake cookies and brownies so we can sit around that evening finishing out our Christmas Day watching the last leg of A Christmas Story (a classic no doubt) and possibly go check out the Christmas lights in neighborhoods. And I usually end the night, with all the lights off except the Christmas tree just to marvel at the glow and ambience it gives off and worship and give thanks to God the Father.

But most important in our house, we take time FIRST as soon as we gather to open presents, we open with prayer. We thank our Father God for giving us His Son JESUS CHRIST. We truly cannot say we are celebrating CHRISTmas without acknowledging Christ. He came to this world so that we may have LIFE and have it more ABUNDANTLY (John 10:10). So we endeavor to live an abundant life for the next 365 days in honor of why He came. And living our life with Christ will help us to live out that plan He has for us.

I look forward to Christmas each year. I truly love this holiday, the winter weather and the warmth that people give off because of the season. Most importantly, I thank God that I have a family that expresses their love towards me as I express mine towards them. Not just during Christmas but all throughout the year.




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